More than 4 PhD, 20 Masters from 2003-Present


Design and Evaluation of Inflatable Wings for UAVs
• Andrew Simpson – MS ME 2003, PhD ME 2008

Aeromechanics of Low Reynolds Number Inflatable Rigidizable Wings
• Michiko Usui – MS ME 2004

Ardea: A Reconfigurable Architecture for Fault Tolerant Distributed Embedded Systems
• Osamah A. Rawashdeh – PhD, EE, 2005

Design of an Autopilot for a Light UAV
• Adam Groves – MSEE, ELEN, 2006

A Network Processing Node for Light Unmanned Aircraft
• Timothy Arrowsmith – MSEE, ELEN 2006

Finite Element Modeling of an Inflatable Wing
• John Rowe – MS ME 2007

Numerical Simulation of Two Flow Control Approaches for Low Reynolds Number Applications
• Dan Reasor – MS ME 2007

A Controller Area Network Layer for Reconfigurable Embedded Systems
• Nithyananda Jeganathan – MSEE, ELEN, 2007

Histogram Function Based Image Filtering UAV Plug-in for NASA Worldwind 1.4
• Chandan Kumar Reddy Gaddikoppula – MSEE, ELEN, 2009

Constrained Volume Packing of Deployable Wings for Unmanned Aircraft
• Turner Harris – MS ME 2010

Reconfigurable CAN Network Layer for Light Aircraft
• Darren Brown – MSEE, ELEN, 2010

Experimental Flow Visualization for Corrugated Airfoils at Low Reynolds Number Including the Development of a Pitch and Plunge Fixture
• Jeremy Sparks – MS ME 2011

Perch Landing Maneuvers and Control for a Rotating-Wing MAV
• Jonathan Lubbers – MS ME 2011

Low Reynolds Number Flow Field Modification via Traveling Wave Actuation of a Vertically Aligned Wire Array Surface
• John C. Calhoun– MS ME 2012

Aerodynamics and Control of a Deployable Wing for Autonomous Flight
• Michael Thamann – MS ME 2012

Design and Flight Testing of a Warping Wing for Autonomous Flight Control
• Brady Doepke – MS ME 2013